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100 PICS Game Review

Our 14 year old grandson put us onto this one and after playing it for a while I was hooked. The aim is simple, just work out what the picture is and enter the name – sounds simple and for some of the easier categories it is, but working out the tricky ones is a

Word Search

This kind of puzzle game is still very popular among seniors. It is a good way to pass the time and can assist with brain function apparently. This free version has been on my tablet for months and I like the way that the board fits the screen size and the letters are clear and

Classic Words Plus

As I mentioned in my review of Wordie Scrabble Adjudicator, my wife and I are avid Scrabble players and prefer to use the real board but sometimes, especially if we are in a tent, this Android Scrabble game lets us play the game together on the tablet. There is a free version of this app

Scorer : The Score Keeper

We’ve been travelling for a few months now and playing Scrabble and cards (yes, the real ones, not apps) means we need copious amounts of paper to keep score – until we discovered Scorer : The Score Keeper. This is a simple app that does one thing but does it well. It enables you to

Wordie Scrabble Adjudicator

Scrabble is one of those games that – in my opinion – is still best played on the traditional board rather than in an app. I have tried a few Android Scrabble apps but found most had so many ads that it was a continual annoyance when playing or required you to log in with

Fit Brains Trainer

They say that the brain is just like any muscle – it needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. Brain training games are very popular with older users but can be used by anyone to check and improve their mental agility. Fit Brains Trainer is an app that records your training progress so you


Time for a game review I reckon. Matt has too much study and work to do so I’ll step into the breach and give it a try. Crossword puzzles are a staple amongst our generation and sales of puzzle books are very strong, so why not save some trees and have a go at the

Wordfeud Free

Many seniors enjoy playing a game of Scrabble and finding a good android game that both gives them an enjoyable game and has the feature of finding and playing with an online opponent can be tricky. Words with Friends used to be a favourite of mine but I’ve had problems with the latest version and
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