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Tutorial : Webpage shortcuts and managing homescreens

Something that we often do on our PCs is to put frequently-used shortcuts to webpages on the desktop. It is often quicker to go straight to a web page this way rather than using the favourites or bookmarks function of the web browser. But, how to do this on your tablet or phone? If you

Tutorial: Connecting your tablet or phone to WiFi

Happy New Year to all the readers of Androids4Seniors. How are your resolutions going so far? Mine this year is to not forget that tasks that are simple for me are not so for many seniors with little experience with computers. One basic and very important task we need to do is to connect our

Arranging your Android apps

Most versions of Android allow you to group related apps on a home screen by using the drag and drop onto an app method. This is where you find the app you want to place into a group and drag it to the preferred home screen. If this is the first one in the group,

Android tablet or phone running slow?

Android is a great operating system, no question, but sometimes things can go wrong and you end up wanting to throw the thing out the window right? I’ll try and help you with this problem. The first thing to do is to check that your settings are being backed up to the Google ‘cloud’. Go to

Google+ Photo Backup

Modern Android phones (and some tablets) have excellent cameras and using the free Google+ photo backup feature makes it so simple to get your precious photos off the device to store securely and share with others. This makes it one of the best features and products from Google in my opinion. So, how do you

Android KitKat : Help for seniors with the latest version

There’s no doubt that every new Android version released improves an already fantastic device operating system, but while some of the ‘improvements’ are more intended to make it simpler for the casual user, they cause problems for those of us who become used to the way things work. In my role as president of our

Cloud Print

I am often asked ‘Andy, this new tablet is great but my wife keeps asking me ‘I want to print out a recipe – how the heck can I do it from this #@**@ thing (or words to that effect?’. My answer has been in the past to find a suitable app for the printer

Google Keyboard

Using keyboards on Android devices, especially phones, can be a problem for many. Virtual keys are small and hard to hit precisely and we all know the frustration of typing a text message only to look up and see that someone (not me!) has been typing all sorts of gibberish – which is even more

Understanding How Android Works : Home screens

One of the great features of Android is the multiple screens available on your phone or tablet to place app shortcuts or widgets so you can easily access your frequently used apps, but sometimes managing them can be a chore. How your phone or tablet home screens look is often dependent on your  brand of

Understanding How Android Works – Security

Continuing the series on how Android works next we’ll look at securing your phone or tablet and specifically at the ways users have to prevent unauthorised persons opening their devices. Business users like me have their entire contact list, calendar and email on their phones, so simply losing an unlocked device would mean a lot

Understanding How Android Works

This post is intended to help those who want to better understand how Android ‘works’, in particular concentrating on the differences between it and other operating systems, like Windows. Most Windows users are used to switching between running programs that are either open in a window or minimised to the taskbar, but Android treats apps

Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, What??

One of the first questions I get asked when Android is talked about is ‘What gives with the dessert names then?’ and I guess that’s understandable as most people would ‘get’ Android 2.0, Android 2.1 etc. Well, the folks at Google (the creators of the Android operating system) must have a sense of humour I
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