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Ok. I’m back! Review : Blue Light Filter- Night Mode, Eye Care

My last post was to advertise this blog/site for sale, but I have had second thoughts. Partly because I finally have more time on my hands to write again but also because of many encouraging messages from the faithful readers – thank you, I really appreciate the support. Readers may not realise the time it

Microsoft Launcher

I’ve written about installing new launchers on phones or tablets before and there is a wide range available. This is Microsoft’s offering that is based on the excellent Arrow launcher. If you are a user of Office 365, OneDrive or an or Hotmail account and want easier access to the Microsoft programs, then this

Over 40 Magnifier & Flashlight

It happens to most of us eventually – trying to read the small print on jars is often the first sign our eyesight isn’t what it used to be in our thirties – and a simple app that magnifies text quickly and without fuss is something that I have been looking for lately. Over 40


This is one handy app that I stumbled across recently. If you have read the review of Tinfoil for Facebook I wrote recently, you will know how I prefer to use more secure apps when viewing the Facebook feed. However one issue I did find when jumping from a Facebook feed to a website –

Drippler Tips for your Android

I like to keep up to date with the latest apps and anything Android and Drippler is an app that makes it easy to do this. While it might not suit all seniors, if you have an interest in new technology and keeping up with changes and news relating to just Android, then this app

GTasks : ToDo List & Tasks

This will be my last app review for the year, so here’s one that might come in handy this holiday season when we have so much to remember. I’m a big fan of Google apps as are most Android users and a very handy feature that isn’t easily accessed on our devices is the Tasks feature


This app was recently mentioned on the Australian ABC and should be installed on all our phones in my opinion. The app was developed by Australia’s emergency services and their Government and industry partners, helping people to call the right number at the right time, anywhere in Australia. It uses your mobile phone’s GPS functionality so

GPS Status & Toolbox

Does your phone or tablet sometimes have difficulty getting a GPS ‘fix’? Mine does from time to time, often for no apparent reason as it often has worked fine the day before which seems odd. I use this free app to check my GPS is working or to download the A-GPS data periodically to improve

Tinfoil for Facebook

Many seniors love Facebook as it enables them to keep in touch with friends and family, especially to view photos (and videos) of grandchildren. I am a very late adopter of Facebook, mainly because of previously reported lax security for it’s members and the companies concentration on it’s users being a product rather than customers

Smart Magnifier

Many of us have trouble reading the fine print on labels and the like and we often don’t have a magnifying glass handy. This clever app turns your device into a Magnifying Glass by using your camera zoom function, auto-focus and LED flash features. I have tried it out and was quite surprised at the magnification

Voice Recorder

Most phones have a sound recorder app preinstalled, but sometimes you just want a simple, easy to use app that makes it easy to record a quick note or maybe a longer meeting. The reason I like this particular one is because it simplifies getting the recording off the phone and sent to myself as

ES File Explorer File Manager

Many users of Android devices will have many years experience working with their files and folders within Microsoft Windows or an Apple operating system and they are often confused when trying to locate a file on their phone or tablet. This has been one of my ‘must install’ apps for years and it has grown into
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