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Fuel Map Australia

The developers of WikiCamps have come up with another handy app for us travellers, Fuel Map. At this stage it is just available for Australian drivers, but hopefully they will add other countries as they have done with WikiCamps. From their excellent description : “Fuel Map is a crowd-sourced database of petrol stations and fuel

Brightness Level

Many newer phones and tablets have a slider control to adjust screen brightness easily available in a slidedown panel or similar ‘quick settings’ area, but many don’t and this is where the Brightness Level app comes in very handy. You just install the app as usual and then add the widget to any home screen you prefer.

Lollipop 5.1.1 update

I don’t usually write about Android operating system updates as they are well covered by other, more technical websites, but I must tell you about my experience with the latest update. Lollipop was a bit of a disaster for me with sudden unexpected slowdowns, crashes and generally odd behavior. KitKat, the previous version was pretty

Tutorial : Webpage shortcuts and managing homescreens

Something that we often do on our PCs is to put frequently-used shortcuts to webpages on the desktop. It is often quicker to go straight to a web page this way rather than using the favourites or bookmarks function of the web browser. But, how to do this on your tablet or phone? If you

Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map

Space has always fascinated me and years ago, Dad bought a circular sky chart that had the constellations and planets on it that you could align with your location to identify the stars in the night sky. Of course, we now have apps and GPS to make the whole process simpler. Star Tracker is one


I’ve been intending to write a review of Flipboard for ages as it is one of my favourite apps of all time. While there are many news sites out there on the internet covering all kinds of news and stories from technical, sporting, investment and US and World news – reading them using a tablet

Cribbage Club Free

Cribbage is one of our favourite card games (it’s one we always play in the caravan) and having an app version to be able to play solo is a must. I’ve tried a few but this one is the best so far in my opinion. It also has a good tutorial mode so that you

Android KitKat : Help for seniors with the latest version

There’s no doubt that every new Android version released improves an already fantastic device operating system, but while some of the ‘improvements’ are more intended to make it simpler for the casual user, they cause problems for those of us who become used to the way things work. In my role as president of our

Cloud Print

I am often asked ‘Andy, this new tablet is great but my wife keeps asking me ‘I want to print out a recipe – how the heck can I do it from this #@**@ thing (or words to that effect?’. My answer has been in the past to find a suitable app for the printer

Audiosonic 7″ Tablet

A good friend recently bought one of these very reasonably priced tablets for his wife to use (I suspect she had been eyeing his beaut ASUS Transformer) so I asked if I could borrow it to write a quick review. Of course, this is a $69 (AUS) tablet so comparing it with $200+ tablets is

Globalgig Wireless Broadband Review

Mobile internet plans are notoriously expensive in Australia, especially from the major Telcos like Telstra. In the US for instance, unlimited data plans (or as near to as makes no difference) are available for a fraction of what it costs us poor Aussies, so any way to reduce costs is worth looking into. How does


Many seniors love their Kindles and the reading experience on the Amazon devices can be great (especially the very long battery life on some models) but many have Android tablets and larger format phones – often called ‘phablets’ so why not read your books on the one device? Amazon have released this app so you
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