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Push : Game review

I discovered games from the developer ‘Rainbow Train’ a while back, Hook is one of my all time favourites from them still – check out my review here after reading about this one. This one is simply called ‘Push’ and is another cleverly crafted game that I reckon is a must if you like puzzle

Fleet Battle : A Great Battleships Game

Isn’t it funny how the old favourites come around again? Maybe it’s because the original concept was so good in the first place. Fleet Battle is a modern take on the old Battleships game that was popular in the eighties (remember the plastic case version with the little red and white pegs that you were


As promised, here’s another puzzle game to add to your collection and keep you amused over the holidays. Hook is a little more challenging than the last game, Loop. This one involves ‘untangling’ lines and hooks from each other by turning switches. The game is similar in some ways to pickup sticks I guess but

Robo Defense Free

A few years ago I used to play this game all the time on my small 3 1/2 inch screen phone and really enjoyed it. I recently decided to install it on my tablet and it’s even more fun on a larger screen. Like most good games, it has a simple idea – like all

Fit Brains Trainer

They say that the brain is just like any muscle – it needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. Brain training games are very popular with older users but can be used by anyone to check and improve their mental agility. Fit Brains Trainer is an app that records your training progress so you

Super Stickman Golf 2

I’m not very good at golf in real life. I’ve played before, but I’d be lucky if I ever put the ball in the hole in less than 7 strokes, and that’s not even including penalty strokes when I’ve lost my ball in the trees and had to put a new one down. So when

Super Sudoku

I’m a big Sudoku fan after being bitten by the bug some years ago during a caravan holiday when my wife bought me a book of puzzles (to keep me quiet I reckon) and I finished the book in 3 days. When I first encountered the game I thought that I would need above average
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