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Jigsaw Genius

The last jigsaw puzzle game (Real Jigsaw Puzzles Free) I reviewed has become the most popular game review on the site, so for all those jigsaw enthusiasts out there here’s another one you might enjoy playing. This one has a modern, easy to use interface and a range of options so you can easily control how you

Real Jigsaw Puzzles Free

I recently saw an iPad app that a member of our local computer club showed me that enabled her to make jigsaw puzzles out of her photos and I thought ‘that’s great, I bet there’s a similar Android version’. Sure enough, I found this one and gave it a try. Real Jigsaw Puzzles Free lets us


Have you ever wanted to quickly grab a copy of something like a receipe, a page of text in a book or if you are into family history research, something like a marriage certificate you have been shown in someone’s collection to check if it applies to your research? I know I have and this app will

Google+ Photo Backup

Modern Android phones (and some tablets) have excellent cameras and using the free Google+ photo backup feature makes it so simple to get your precious photos off the device to store securely and share with others. This makes it one of the best features and products from Google in my opinion. So, how do you


Why leave your tablet sitting in a drawer when you have a high resolution screen which is just perfect to display your favourite photos? Instead of using a dedicated digital photo frame all you need is a stand for your tablet. There are many tablet covers with stands available – I bought one for my
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