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Google Maps : latest changes have made this app even better

Google Maps for Android has so many features that it would take a series of reviews to uncover them all, but I recently discovered some of the new features recently added so thought I would share them with you. Some of the features will not appeal to many – the navigation feature is one as it

MetroView Nav Australia & NZ

The fact that you can get as good as (if not better) GPS navigation on a phone as by using a separate GPS navigation device is one of the best reasons to have a smartphone these days. An offline app that uses its own quality maps is much better than those that require the internet

Camps Australia Wide

As promised, here is the review of the latest version of the Camps Australia Wide app. The previous version doesn’t have great reviews in the Google Play store, but the new version seems to have addressed the problems which were mainly about the map. The Camp Australia Wide books are known as the Aussie campers ‘bible’ and

Help with your Android device : Battery life

I’m often asked ‘My phone (or tablet) has terrible battery life, can you help?’, so here’s some assistance if you are having the same problem. Firstly, it is important to have some idea how long your devices battery should last. This does depend on the model of course, but generally most phones should be capable

GPS Status & Toolbox

Does your phone or tablet sometimes have difficulty getting a GPS ‘fix’? Mine does from time to time, often for no apparent reason as it often has worked fine the day before which seems odd. I use this free app to check my GPS is working or to download the A-GPS data periodically to improve


An increasing number of seniors are in the ‘grey nomads’ category, especially here in Australia at the moment with many thousands of us on the road travelling this enormous country. Having a way to navigate the ‘road less travelled’ is always a welcome addition to our Android devices. Memory-Map is a kind of ‘mud map’ that

Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map

Space has always fascinated me and years ago, Dad bought a circular sky chart that had the constellations and planets on it that you could align with your location to identify the stars in the night sky. Of course, we now have apps and GPS to make the whole process simpler. Star Tracker is one

Huawei Y300 Review : Take Two

My last post on this phone has been the most viewed one on this site, so I figured revisiting after a year using the phone in the real world may be as well received. To quickly summarise the Huawei phone, here are the brief specs: Android Jelly Bean 4.1, dual-core 1GHz processor, 4.0” WVGA (480×800)

Android KitKat : Help for seniors with the latest version

There’s no doubt that every new Android version released improves an already fantastic device operating system, but while some of the ‘improvements’ are more intended to make it simpler for the casual user, they cause problems for those of us who become used to the way things work. In my role as president of our

Co-Pilot (Live) GPS

I mentioned recently a free navigation app which I had installed on the Huawei which I had planned to review – the app was a free one called MapFactor. However, after using it for a time I found that the OpenSource maps weren’t as recent or as accurate as I had hoped, so I started
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