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Want Free Spotify? – How to make your own!

I while back (3 years ago now) I wrote about the Spotify app and while it is still a great app to have, the ads are annoying unless you pay for the Premium version. The Google Play Music service isn’t as widely known about as it should be and using it is a great way to

Review : Nexbox A95X Android TV Box

A while back I wrote a review of the Rikomagic Android Mini PC that turned out to be a bit of a lemon that still sits in the bottom drawer of my desk along with other gadgets that I bought that turned out to sound better than they really turned out to be. Last month I

FREE Office : Textmaker Mobile

It’s not often you find something completely free that performs perfectly and has no ads. FREE Office, made by German company Softmaker Software is one of those apps that I suspect many users will end up installing. From their description: ‘Office: TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android that lets you open, edit,

GTasks : ToDo List & Tasks

This will be my last app review for the year, so here’s one that might come in handy this holiday season when we have so much to remember. I’m a big fan of Google apps as are most Android users and a very handy feature that isn’t easily accessed on our devices is the Tasks feature

Tinfoil for Facebook

Many seniors love Facebook as it enables them to keep in touch with friends and family, especially to view photos (and videos) of grandchildren. I am a very late adopter of Facebook, mainly because of previously reported lax security for it’s members and the companies concentration on it’s users being a product rather than customers

Podkicker : Listen to podcasts

I have mentioned podcasts here before and promised I would give you more information on what they are and how to listen to them. My podcast app of choice is Podkicker and I have used this one for a couple of years now. So, what is a podcast? Put simply, it is an audio (or


Have you ever wanted to quickly grab a copy of something like a receipe, a page of text in a book or if you are into family history research, something like a marriage certificate you have been shown in someone’s collection to check if it applies to your research? I know I have and this app will

Google+ Photo Backup

Modern Android phones (and some tablets) have excellent cameras and using the free Google+ photo backup feature makes it so simple to get your precious photos off the device to store securely and share with others. This makes it one of the best features and products from Google in my opinion. So, how do you

Google Drive

Using a ‘Cloud’ service can be a little daunting for some, so let’s take a quick look at the free one that comes with your Gmail account that you use on your Android device and see how easy it is to use and some of the very clever things you can do with it. I’m
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