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Tutorial : Get the best out of Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is often installed out of the factory on tablets and phones, but if you haven’t experienced Chrome on Android, I suggest you give it a go as it is a very good (and secure) web browser. Like all Android apps though, getting it set up for the best possible performance is well worth


This is one handy app that I stumbled across recently. If you have read the review of Tinfoil for Facebook I wrote recently, you will know how I prefer to use more secure apps when viewing the Facebook feed. However one issue I did find when jumping from a Facebook feed to a website –

Tinfoil for Facebook

Many seniors love Facebook as it enables them to keep in touch with friends and family, especially to view photos (and videos) of grandchildren. I am a very late adopter of Facebook, mainly because of previously reported lax security for it’s members and the companies concentration on it’s users being a product rather than customers

Cloud Print

I am often asked ‘Andy, this new tablet is great but my wife keeps asking me ‘I want to print out a recipe – how the heck can I do it from this #@**@ thing (or words to that effect?’. My answer has been in the past to find a suitable app for the printer

Firefox for Android

All smartphones and tablets come with a web browser but many users, me included, want their browsing experience to be as close to what they get on their desktop or notebook PCs. There are obvious limitations Рscreen size and some technologies unsupported on their particular device like Flash Рwhen using an Android phone or
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