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Fleet Battle : A Great Battleships Game

Isn’t it funny how the old favourites come around again? Maybe it’s because the original concept was so good in the first place. Fleet Battle is a modern take on the old Battleships game that was popular in the eighties (remember the plastic case version with the little red and white pegs that you were

Robo Defense Free

A few years ago I used to play this game all the time on my small 3 1/2 inch screen phone and really enjoyed it. I recently decided to install it on my tablet and it’s even more fun on a larger screen. Like most good games, it has a simple idea – like all

Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Lite

I played a lot of 8 ball pool during my working years as we had several pool tables at our work cafeteria and have to confess I spent quite a few days playing hooky from school at the local snooker hall as well. I had been looking for a good pool and snooker game for the

Classic Words Plus

As I mentioned in my review of Wordie Scrabble Adjudicator, my wife and I are avid Scrabble players and prefer to use the real board but sometimes, especially if we are in a tent, this Android Scrabble game lets us play the game together on the tablet. There is a free version of this app

Minesweeper Classic (Mines)

Remember this game on Windows? I know many people that have always enjoyed playing it and when I found this Android version I had to give it a try. To make it easier to use there is a scrolling and ‘zoomable’ game area and the toggle open cell or put a flag marker can be

Scorer : The Score Keeper

We’ve been travelling for a few months now and playing Scrabble and cards (yes, the real ones, not apps) means we need copious amounts of paper to keep score – until we discovered Scorer : The Score Keeper. This is a simple app that does one thing but does it well. It enables you to

Wordie Scrabble Adjudicator

Scrabble is one of those games that – in my opinion – is still best played on the traditional board rather than in an app. I have tried a few Android Scrabble apps but found most had so many ads that it was a continual annoyance when playing or required you to log in with

Backgammon Free

Some of the first apps installed by most users on their phones and tablets are games and seniors are no different. The types of games however are usually different for those of us in the older age bracket – card, board and strategy games for instance in preference to ‘shoot em up’ and racing games.
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