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How to set up a WiFi Hotspot on your phone

Mobile internet devices are handy, no doubt about it, but if your mobile phone is on a plan with plenty of data why not use it instead on your tablet or laptop? I recently advised someone to do this and she saved her and her husband $30 a month. The Telstra rep she spoke to cancel

Chromecast : A Beginners Guide

These days, almost all new TVs are ‘smart’ – pity about the station programmers I hear you say? Well, I have to agree that finding anything half-decent to watch is difficult at times, even though here in Oz we have a few great channels (ABC Australia and SBS) that appeal to many of my generation. For

YouTube Kids

Most grandparents try to get their grandchildren involved in outdoor play or old-fashioned games when they visit, but sometimes the little darlings just need some ‘screen time’ to themselves and usually YouTube is a favourite among all age groups. There is some unsavoury video on there and some that at least aren’t suitable for younger

Tutorial : Quick guide for complete beginners : Part 2

In my last tutorial, we looked at making calls from your phone and I mentioned that you can quickly call a contact already stored in your phone, so let’s look at how to add and manage contacts. The first thing to remember is that your contacts are (usually) stored in your Google account as well

Tutorial : Quick guide for complete beginners : Part 1

I often have to remind myself that although I have been using Android phones and tablets for over 6 years, many readers of this blog are complete ‘newbies’ and need help with the basics. Some users of Android devices may have come from an Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad too and there

Help with your Android device : Battery life

I’m often asked ‘My phone (or tablet) has terrible battery life, can you help?’, so here’s some assistance if you are having the same problem. Firstly, it is important to have some idea how long your devices battery should last. This does depend on the model of course, but generally most phones should be capable

Tinfoil for Facebook

Many seniors love Facebook as it enables them to keep in touch with friends and family, especially to view photos (and videos) of grandchildren. I am a very late adopter of Facebook, mainly because of previously reported lax security for it’s members and the companies concentration on it’s users being a product rather than customers

Tutorial : For Beginners – more help with your home screen

This blog is intended to help all seniors regardless of their skill levels and I have been a little remiss in not writing more posts to help the ‘newbies’ or absolute beginners amongst us. We all had to start somewhere learning about new technology and while there are many self help books out there, they

Tutorial: Downloading & installing Android apps

I get asked questions all the time by seniors unsure how the Google Play Store works, buying apps and reinstalling apps already bought, so here’s some help. Firstly, the most important thing to remember is that the Play Store account you use to download and buy apps is always linked to a Gmail account and

Smart Unlock

We all understand the need to secure our tablet or phone with a pin code or password, but it can be frustrating entering the code 20 times a day when your device is used at home. Many people just don’t bother to use a password or pin for this reason, but the hassles you go

Arranging your Android apps

Most versions of Android allow you to group related apps on a home screen by using the drag and drop onto an app method. This is where you find the app you want to place into a group and drag it to the preferred home screen. If this is the first one in the group,

Android tablet or phone running slow?

Android is a great operating system, no question, but sometimes things can go wrong and you end up wanting to throw the thing out the window right? I’ll try and help you with this problem. The first thing to do is to check that your settings are being backed up to the Google ‘cloud’. Go to
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