New Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans

New-Telstra-passesThere’s no getting away from it, if you are travelling around Australia and need the internet (and these days nearly everyone does), Telstra is the only real option unless you plan to stay in major centres. Many of us grey nomads use their mobile WiFi devices or USB ‘dongles’ and the best value for money plan has always been the $180 12Gb plan with 365 days expiry.

Recently Telstra announced new plans which are now called ‘Data Passes’. Odd name but whatever they call them we finally have much better value. Internet on the road has become much more affordable and this is important especially for those travellers on a tight budget.

The three first passes are intended for those who are taking a short break away – they are 1Gb with 3 day expiry for $10, 2Gb with 7 days expiry for $20 and 3Gb with 30 day expiry for $30. Great if you just want the internet over a long weekend or similar.

The passes that will interest the long term traveller though, are these two – 5Gb with 365 days expiry for $50 and 16Gb with 720 days expiry for $140. Like the old plans all the new passes will rollover any remaining credit if you recharge before the expiry date. The $50 pass may well prove the most popular one for people who just want to check emails and the odd webpage as it so affordable but the $140 pass that gives you 4Gb more for $40 less than the old plan plus it lasts for two years, is really the best value.

Check the plans and full info at this page on their website – new Telstra mobile broadband prepaid passes.

If you are having problems with your mobile internet let us know in the comments, either I or one of our readers will be able to help for sure.



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