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How to set up a WiFi Hotspot on your phone

Mobile internet devices are handy, no doubt about it, but if your mobile phone is on a plan with plenty of data why not use it instead on your tablet or laptop? I recently advised someone to do this and she saved her and her husband $30 a month. The Telstra rep she spoke to cancel

Want Free Spotify? – How to make your own!

I while back (3 years ago now) I wrote about the Spotify app and while it is still a great app to have, the ads are annoying unless you pay for the Premium version. The Google Play Music service isn’t as widely known about as it should be and using it is a great way to

Google Family Library – signup and save money

Many of us just stick to free apps and games but there are a large number of paid apps that are well worth the small outlay to get. It can get a little more costly if other members of your family buy the same app or game, so Google recently introduced a great feature called

Launchers : What are they and how to install a new one?

Although it is the ‘silly season’ of Xmas and holidays I have been remiss in not writing posts for the blog – I promise to do better ! A recent comment by Brian on my post about the Huawei GR3 phone changed my topic for this post – hopefully it will help others too. Launchers

New Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans

There’s no getting away from it, if you are travelling around Australia and need the internet (and these days nearly everyone does), Telstra is the only real option unless you plan to stay in major centres. Many of us grey nomads use their mobile WiFi devices or USB ‘dongles’ and the best value for money

Tutorial : Get the best out of Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is often installed out of the factory on tablets and phones, but if you haven’t experienced Chrome on Android, I suggest you give it a go as it is a very good (and secure) web browser. Like all Android apps though, getting it set up for the best possible performance is well worth

Tutorial : Quick guide for complete beginners : Part 2

In my last tutorial, we looked at making calls from your phone and I mentioned that you can quickly call a contact already stored in your phone, so let’s look at how to add and manage contacts. The first thing to remember is that your contacts are (usually) stored in your Google account as well

Tutorial : Quick guide for complete beginners : Part 1

I often have to remind myself that although I have been using Android phones and tablets for over 6 years, many readers of this blog are complete ‘newbies’ and need help with the basics. Some users of Android devices may have come from an Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad too and there

Help with your Android device : Battery life

I’m often asked ‘My phone (or tablet) has terrible battery life, can you help?’, so here’s some assistance if you are having the same problem. Firstly, it is important to have some idea how long your devices battery should last. This does depend on the model of course, but generally most phones should be capable

Tutorial : For Beginners – more help with your home screen

This blog is intended to help all seniors regardless of their skill levels and I have been a little remiss in not writing more posts to help the ‘newbies’ or absolute beginners amongst us. We all had to start somewhere learning about new technology and while there are many self help books out there, they

Lollipop 5.1.1 update

I don’t usually write about Android operating system updates as they are well covered by other, more technical websites, but I must tell you about my experience with the latest update. Lollipop was a bit of a disaster for me with sudden unexpected slowdowns, crashes and generally odd behavior. KitKat, the previous version was pretty

WiFi Hotspot Settings

Many of us use our phones as WiFi HotSpots. It is such a handy feature that most smartphones have available these days. If you aren’t familiar with what this is, just read the explanation at the end of this post. However, I used to find that the multiple taps to turn it on or off,
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