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New site design – like it so far?

After hearing from some readers of this blog, it has been apparent that our theme design was not being displayed as clearly on small screen devices as we had hoped. The term is called ‘responsive’ and all new websites and blogs must be designed this way to enable them to clearly display on the latest

Our Apologies

It appears that users of our Androids4Seniors App are now seeing full screen adverts. We did not place these ads, they are being inserted by the company we used to make our app and we are quite angry that this has happened without our permission. While we sort this out, please carefully tap the small

Baby steps …

Welcome to the new website that aims to take away some of the mystery of using Android devices – especially for seniors. Much of the information here will benefit others of course but the main focus is to assist those of more advanced years and I count myself in that age bracket! My first smartphone
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