Robo Defense Free

robo defense appA few years ago I used to play this game all the time on my small 3 1/2 inch screen phone and really enjoyed it. I recently decided to install it on my tablet and it’s even more fun on a larger screen. Like most good games, it has a simple idea – like all tower defense-style games, this is basically to prevent the enemy units making it across to the end of the map.

The free version just has the one map, but a game can take the best part of an hour to finish successfully and there are 11 different skill levels so you won’t get bored quickly. There is a paid version with many more maps & levels.I personally get a lot of enjoyment replaying the same map again and again to see what strategies work best and to get the highest score.

You don’t get many defense units at the beginning so it is important that you work out how best torobodefense2 stop the enemy getting though. My only tips are if you manage to get started is to force the enemy to march in lines up and down your ranks of defence units and also to upgrade them as you can to get better results plus remember to have some air-to-air weapons otherwise the planes/helicopters will be able to get through really easily.

There are two types of defense unit you can use – guns/mortars/rocket launchers/air to air weapons and ‘slowdown’ towers which force the enemy to slow so your weapons can deal with them.

If you like this kind of shoot-em-up type of game that doesn’t require lightening quick reflexes, just a good strategy to win then give Robo Defense a try and let us know what you think in the comments.


Robo Defense Free
Price : FREE
Size : 6.8Mb
Needs : Android 1.5+
Robo Defense Free app


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