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I discovered games from the developer ‘Rainbow Train’ a while back, Hook is one of my all time favourites from them still – check out my review here after reading about this one. This one is simply called ‘Push’ and is another cleverly crafted game that I reckon is a must if you like puzzle games. Especially the sort that gradually get harder and harder and take some thought to get further in the game.

The aim is simple (as all good puzzle games are) but, of course, the levels get more and more hard to solve. This one isn’t free but at only A$0.99 it isn’t going to break the bank. I actually have only paid for 2 or 3 Android apps (the navigation types mainly), I use Google Opinion Rewards to earn Google Play store cash and use that to buy games and apps that look good to try, but don’t have a free version. Lately, Rewards has been offering surveys at least twice a day for me and it only takes a couple of days sometimes to make $2-3 to buy a game or app that is worth paying for. Again, check out my review of the Opinion Rewards app here!

Ok, so something about the game and this might be the shortest review of all time! I can’t do better than the developers simple introduction to the game:

PUSH is filled with a lot of different puzzles to solve. 
Like our previous games, its intended to be a relaxing experience, thus there are no points, stars, tutorials, move counters. 
Your goal is to push all the buttons. 
How do you do it? Well, thats the puzzle…

Love it. You just have to start playing it and discover what to do. It isn’t that hard (at least in the beginning) to work out what order to press the buttons in and what they mean (sort of). Damn, I’ve given away a hint! Try it yourself and remember, if you don’t like it after a few minutes, just get a refund from the Google . Play store page where you got it from. I’m betting this one will be a keeper though. Like Hook, it’s a little larger file size than some, simpler, games but I have no idea yet how many levels there actually are, I’m guessing well into the hundreds.



Price : A$0.99
Size : 69Mb
Needs : Android 4.1+
Push game Android app review



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About the Author : Andy describes himself as "an older geek" and has been assisting seniors with understanding technology for many years. He is involved with his local seniors computer club and believes that seniors appreciate assistance from those of a similar age group.

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