Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Lite

Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker LiteI played a lot of 8 ball pool during my working years as we had several pool tables at our work cafeteria and have to confess I spent quite a few days playing hooky from school at the local snooker hall as well.

I had been looking for a good pool and snooker game for the tablet and I found this one several months ago. I have been giving it a good workout, both in solo mode where you play against the tablet and ‘pass-n-play’ mod where you take your shot and pass it to a friend to have their shot.

I have found the control of shot can take a while to work out the best method for your particular tablet, but once you have that worked out, it gives you a great game.

Some of the features include:
★ Play against the computer with four difficulty levels
★ Pass-n-Play mode
★ Very Realistic Pool, Billiard and Snooker Physics
★ Pan and Zoom and Slow Motion modes
★ Free View and First Person View
★ Allows Curve and Masse shots and full English
★ Supports Online Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming

Figuring out the best angle and weight of stroke isn’t too hard to master, but the A.I of the game certainly doesn’t take any prisoners on the harder skill levels. I haven’t tried the online games as yet, but from past experience with other online games it can be an exercise in frustration – not the actual games but the attitude of players who just abandon a game once they are losing!

All in all, it is the best pool or snooker game I have played on my tablet (a now elderly Nexus 7 that isn’t fast by today’s standards) and I always enjoy the games even if I get beaten regularly!

I still have the ‘Lite’ version but I see the full version is currently on sale at a great price so check out this after you have tried this version that has no expiry and no ads to ensure it plays well on your device, but from the comments that are mostly very positive, I’d be surprised if you have any issues.



Price : FREE
Size : 11Mb
Needs : Android 2.3+
Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker app



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About the Author : Andy describes himself as "an older geek" and has been assisting seniors with understanding technology for many years. He is involved with his local seniors computer club and believes that seniors appreciate assistance from those of a similar age group.

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