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Jigsaw GeniusThe last jigsaw puzzle game (Real Jigsaw Puzzles Free) I reviewed has become the most popular game review on the site, so for all those jigsaw enthusiasts out there here’s another one you might enjoy playing. This one has a modern, easy to use interface and a range of options so you can easily control how you play it.

This app does have ‘in game purchases’ so you can buy puzzle packs – some seem a little pricey until you check out how many are in the upgrade packs and they are certainly cheaper than buying the real thing. There is also a Premium version of the app available for around $5 that includes some of the additional puzzles and removes the ads. This looks like better value that buying extra puzzle packs in my opinion. The pictures used are very high quality and look beautiful on a 7″ tablet screen and the puzzles vary from basic to very challenging. Of course if you set a higher number of pieces they become even more of a challenge to you.

Like all jigsaw game apps for Android, you really need a decent sized screen to be able to play it easily, but as many phones have larger screens than previous models you may find it is fine – just download it and try it on yours as the game has plenty of puzzles to try out for free. You can choose between 5 different sized and 2 shapes to suit your tablet or phone too.

I liked the way that pieces ‘snap’ when they are placed in the correct position so there is no doubt that you have the piece correctly positioned and that puzzles are automatically saved and restored too. To assist new users of the app there is a great animated tutorial as well, so you can get playing straightaway.

If you are a jigsaw fan, then give this app a try and as always, let us know in the comments box what you think of the game.



Price : Free
Size : 24Mb
Needs : Android 4.0+
Other :
Jigsaw Genius Android Game review

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