Google Santa Tracker

Google-Santa-TrackerGrandparents often see more of their grandchildren over the holiday period and if they are around before Christmas, maybe install the Santa Tracker app from Google to keep them amused for a while.

As well as the Santa Tracker to follow his Redness’s progress as he delivers presents to all the good girls and boys this year – as an aside, the old story of Santa’s list is a great way to improve the behaviour of the little darlings at Nan and Pop’s house. The threat of getting coal (or rocks) in the stocking instead of presents seems to have much more effect than the usual ‘I’ll tell your father’ approach!

The app has amusing videos and the little ones can play games including rolling gumballs, elves in jetpacks and sleighs powered by rockets – Santa obviously has all the modern gear these days…

Once the 24th arrives, watch Santa’s progress as he travels the world. This is sure to keep them entertained for a few hours – getting them to bed on Christmas Eve may be another matter!

Just a bit of fun, hope you and the grandkids enjoy it.



Google Santa Tracker
Price : Free
Size : 40Mb
Needs : Android 4.03+
Other :
Google Santa Tracker

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