Fleet Battle : A Great Battleships Game

Fleet Battle Android Game ReviewIsn’t it funny how the old favourites come around again? Maybe it’s because the original concept was so good in the first place. Fleet Battle is a modern take on the old Battleships game that was popular in the eighties (remember the plastic case version with the little red and white pegs that you were forever ‘finding’ with the vacuum cleaner after the kids had been playing it?).

You can play against the computer opponent in various modes of difficulty or play against someone using your Google Play account over the internet. I have had some challenging games playing against opponents from all over the world. You can send comments to each other, but only ‘canned’ ones, which is actually better in my opinion as you don’t get inane childish remarks from the youngsters!

But here’s why this particular one is so good. It also has a ‘local multiplayer’ mode so that you can play against your opponent so long as you are on the same WiFi network. My wife and I have it installed on our phones and when there’s nothing on the telly we will often have a game or two for a change. It saves passing the phone from one to another – with the inevitable ‘you must have looked where my ships are, you cheater’ kind of comments (never from me of course!).

Some of the settings need a bit of work, like figuring out how to change you name for example – after tapping ‘Start Game’ you tap in the box at the top where it has a flag (choose your country navy) and Player – tap inside there and enter your name from the popup keyboard. You can also tap the little ‘gear’ icon to go to the settings area and turn on or off sounds, chat, music etc. The music (which isn’t music just some spooky sounds) and the sound of launching a shell from your guns is an annoying ‘beep’ need work but I understand from the comments on Google Play that the developer is working on these.

There are ads but they aren’t too intrusive and there is a paid version to remove them if the game is a keeper for you.

If you want a fun, quick game to play that you can play solo or with a friend – give Fleet Battle a try and let us know in the comments what you think.



Price : FREE (Ad free version available)
Size : varies
Needs : Android 4.0.3+
Fleet Battle Android Game review



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