Time for a game review I reckon. Matt has too much study and work to do so I’ll step into the breach and give it a try.

Crossword puzzles are a staple amongst our generation and sales of puzzle books are very strong, so why not save some trees and have a go at the 1700 crosswords in this app? (that would be a thick book!).

Probably a little easier to play on a tablet, but from the screenshots shown for the game on Google Play, phones are supported and if you use one of the better keyboards with the ability to ‘swipe’ from letter to letter (like Google keyboard) it would be even easier to use.

The categories to choose from are easy, quick and cryptic so most will find one to solve. Bear in mind that the app doesn’t come with the puzzles installed but once you select one it downloads very quickly as they are quite small in size and of course, you can just load a dozen or so at once and play them offline at your leisure.

Another useful feature included is the cloud storage facility. You just create a free account to store your crossword puzzle progress then install the app on another phone or tablet and you can then continue any puzzle already started on another device. This would come in handy if you wanted to share a difficult puzzle with your partner maybe?

A couple of tips that the developer mentions in the comments area – to open the menu there is a small 4 bar button just below the letter ‘P’ on the keyboard and to magnify the puzzle, for those like me with not too brilliant eyesight, there is a magnify button under the letter ‘A’. Also, the ‘find matching word’ (find this in the menu when playing a puzzle) is very handy – especially if you can’t spell a word! Very handy.

All in all, I’m very impressed with this game and best of all it’s free and NO ADS. Love it and let’s hope it stays that way. If you are a crossword enthusiast and are into very challenging puzzles then this one may not be for you, but if, like me, you just like to spend a pleasant 30 minutes with a cuppa and a crossword – it’s great.


Google Keep
Price : FREE
Size : 325k (tiny)
Needs : Android 2.2+

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About the Author : Andy describes himself as "an older geek" and has been assisting seniors with understanding technology for many years. He is involved with his local seniors computer club and believes that seniors appreciate assistance from those of a similar age group.

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margaret barkley said : Guest Report 5 years ago

As much I have liked this app before ... Crosswords 'find a match' is not working ... asking for Solver II? Have removed and downloaded again ... same result.

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