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Zinio for Libraries Android App reviewTechnology is in many ways, making our world a better place and Zinio for Libraries is one of those apps that many of us who love to read will enjoy. Zinio has an app that enables users to buy and read magazines on their tablets and PCs – but you may not know that many libraries around the world (including many in Australia) have subscriptions to the Zinio for Libraries service so that they can offer free magazines to holders of a library card. Instead of going to your nearest library and reading magazines there or borrowing them to read at home – why not just download and read them on your tablet?

I have been reading magazines for a while now on my 7″ Lenovo tablet and while the experience is pretty good, I’d say that reading them on a larger device or even better your laptop does make more sense especially if you have poor eyesight. But, if you are travelling it is a perfect way to avoid having to cart bulky piles of mags around and you can easily zoom in to make reading text much easier.

The first step, if you aren’t a member already is to join your local library of course. Once you have done this, go to your library website and look for a link to their eBooks area – often this is called ‘Digital Library’ or similar. There you should find links to the various services they offer – one of which should be Zinio – and you can use to find and subscribe to the magazines you want to read. In Australia, this usually links to a page on the rbdigital.com website who are the provider of library services here. Other countries may have a different provider but your library website should have all the information you need to access the service.

Next, you create a free Zinio account from the providers page – usually this just involves typing in your library card number and providing an email address (this is used to notify you when there is a new magazine ready to read among the titles you subscribe to). The range of magazines that we are able to download and read here for free is amazing, around 370 titles at last count and many that I have actually bought in the past – they aren’t obscure magazines by any means. Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, PC World, PC Mag are some of the ‘geeky’ ones that I read but there are gardening, DIY, photography, hobbies and womens magazines in there and many are specific to the country you live in of course.

You simply subscribe to the titles you want and they are put into your collection. Just remember to tick the box that says ‘Email me when the next issue is available’ so you don’t miss it. You can also read back issues often up to a year ago but this depends on the magazine. You can choose to download just the magazines as you read them or automatically download every new issue which isn’t recommended if you are reading them on a tablet due to storage limitations as some can be very large issues.

As I’ve said, many of us enjoy reading magazines but can’t justify the expense to buy them, so why not just ‘borrow them’ and enjoy reading them again?


Zinio for Libraries
Price : FREE
Size : varies
Needs : Android 4.0.3+
Zinio for Libraries Android app review

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