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YoWindow Weather android app reviewI must admit, I’m a bit of a weather app geek plus I also like live wallpapers so when I saw this one was on sale at Google Play as the ‘Deal of the Week’ for just A$0.20 I grabbed a copy to review. After using it as my live wallpaper for a few days, I’m very happy with it.

When set as your wallpaper it displays the current weather and time of day, so your screen is automatically dimmed at night and brightened during the day, which I like. Sunset and sunrise occurs onscreen based on your current location of course too.

If you prefer to just tap a widget to display the weather, pop one on a desktop and YoWindow displays the current weather with a difference – in this mode you can swipe from left to right to see what the forecast will be with a visible representation of the weather (ie: rain, wind, sun, snow etc set against a user chosen scene like seaside, village, town etc. Apparently, the scenes also change depending on the time of year too!

Sure, sounds a little corny but after a while it provides a pleasant scene and a nice change from the usual screens full of icons etc. If you are after a new live wallpaper that shows the weather – you can’t beat the price at the moment so give it a try.


YoWindow Weather
Price : A$0.20 (On Special currently)
Size : 31Mb
Needs : Android 2.3.3+

YoWindow Weather android app review

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