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YouTube KidsMost grandparents try to get their grandchildren involved in outdoor play or old-fashioned games when they visit, but sometimes the little darlings just need some ‘screen time’ to themselves and usually YouTube is a favourite among all age groups.

There is some unsavoury video on there and some that at least aren’t suitable for younger children to watch, so Google (the owner of YouTube) has recognised this and made an app that kids can use to find videos appropriate to them.

There are four categories for them to explore, Shows, Music, Learning and Explore and you can select the age group best suited to the children. The controls have been made larger for little fingers to use and there is an instant full screen mode so that they can watch videos better.

I liked the way that the settings area has a lock so only the adults can change things like disable the search function and there is also a built-in timer so this can be set and they know how long they can watch for. Also a new feature called Resume Playback has been added so that a video can be paused while they have to rush off and do something – handy!

Another great learning feature added is that it now supports 360 degree videos so they can explore under the sea or the surface of Mars.

Note that the app is only available currently in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada (excluding Quebec for some reason).

If your grandkids are constantly pestering you to watch YouTube, this may be the ideal way to get better control over what they are watching.


YouTube Kids
Price : FREE
Size : 42Mb
Needs : Android 4.1+
YouTube Kids Android app review

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