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voice recorderMost phones have a sound recorder app preinstalled, but sometimes you just want a simple, easy to use app that makes it easy to record a quick note or maybe a longer meeting. The reason I like this particular one is because it simplifies getting the recording off the phone and sent to myself as an email attachment.

Just tap record to begin capturing audio. A counter shows the length recorded so far, then tap the stop button once you have spoken the note or finished recording a meeting or conversation. Then you just give the recording a title and tap save and send. I tell it to always use Gmail when I do this (just tap ‘Always’ when the app asks if you want to do this Just Once or Always), this will open the Gmail app, just enter a contacts email address as usual and send.

I find it an easy way to save the recording by emailing it to myself so I can save it on the laptop for later use.

Another feature that may be useful for some is the timer record function where you can set a start time for the recording to begin. I guess this might be useful if you wanted to surreptitiously record someone without them knowing – but I’ll leave that to your imagination as to what this could be useful for!

If you want a simple app that just does what it says on the tin without the frills, give Voice Recorder a try.



Voice Recorder
Price : FREE
Size : 1.1Mb
Needs : 2.3+
Voice Recorder Android app

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