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smartunlockWe all understand the need to secure our tablet or phone with a pin code or password, but it can be frustrating entering the code 20 times a day when your device is used at home. Many people just don’t bother to use a password or pin for this reason, but the hassles you go through if you lose your phone turn into a panic if anyone can start using it to make hundreds of calls!

This is where the Smart Unlock app shines – you just tell the app to recognize your WiFi at home and to not require the password or pin code when connected to it. Simple and it just works well.

Once you take your phone or tablet away from the trusted zone, you need to use your pin or password again.

The app also recognises Bluetooth devices too, so this could be used to unlock your device in the car for example.

I previously used Unlock with WiFi but unfortunately, smartunlock2this app has not been updated to work on the latest Android version, Lollipop and now that my Nexus 7 has been upgraded the app stopped working for me. This app has a trial version to test that it works for you for 7 days, after that it is just $2 to buy and well worth it in my opinion.

If you want to make using your phone or tablet a little easier to use, give this one a try and tell us your thoughts on how effective it is in the comments.

If you need help in setting up security for your device, read my post on Android security.


Smart Unlock
Price : FREE Trial then US$1.99
Size : 1.5Mb
Needs : 4.0
Smart Unlock

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1 Comment on Smart Unlock

Bruce said : Guest Report 4 years ago

A very handy app, I use it and saves entering my pin code at home. Thanks for the review!

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