outlook.comHere’s a handy app for those people with Windows 8 computers, or who use a Hotmail or Outlook.com email account. Microsoft encourages (well demands really) Windows 8 users to log in with a Microsoft account especially if they want to use some of their apps like Skype and XBox Live.

So, if you have an Android phone you just need to install this app from Microsoft to make accessing and using your email account simpler instead of logging in with the browser. The app saves your email address and password too. This alone makes it a winner over the pain of a browser login.

From the app description:

With the Outlook.com app, you can:
– Get emails straight away with push notifications
– Sync Outlook.com Calendar and Contacts with your device
– View and sync folders and sub-folders
– Choose from 8 different colour themes to personalise your experience.
– Group your email conversations with Conversation Threading
– Utilise server-side search for easy finding through all your history of emails.
– Sync multiple Outlook.com accounts and send email from aliases.

The description also suggests these handy tips to get the best out of the app –

– Change the colour theme on the settings menu, select “General” then “Theme colour”.
– Filter your emails (all, unread or flagged) by selecting “Inbox” in the top menu.
– Switch accounts or access your folders and sub-folders by selecting the top left menu.
– Choose which folders automatically sync from the app settings menu by selecting “Sync”, “Folders” and then the folders you want to sync.

User reviews on Google Play seem to be mixed with as many unfavourable ratings as 5 star which I found odd. It seems that previous versions were not the best but my experience with the latest was that I found it to work fine on my Huawei Ascend phone – the only negative I found was that because I prefer to use Gmail accounts and never really use my Outlook.com one, the notifications of the promotional emails (from Microsoft) encouraging me to make more use of the account started to bug me a little!



Price : FREE
Size : 6.8Mb
Needs : Android 2.2+


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