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I’ve written about installing new launchers on phones or tablets before and there is a wide range available. This is Microsoft’s offering that is based on the excellent Arrow launcher. If you are a user of Office 365, OneDrive or an or Hotmail account and want easier access to the Microsoft programs, then this launcher might be worth considering.

There is a ‘swipe right’ pane of cards that can be personalised to your needs that is similar to the Google launcher so you can easily access your calendar, contacts, emails etc in the one place.

Another new feature recently added is called ‘Continue on PC’. This handy feature means you can seamlessly work on documents, photos etc on either phone/tablet and a Windows PC. This feature, however, does require the latest ‘Fall Creators update’ for Windows 10 for this to work (you have to laugh at the naming as here in Oz, Fall is called ‘Autumn’ and it is currently Spring here!).

The launcher is very customisable too with many options for wallpapers (a different Bing wallpaper every day makes for an interesting start to your day), gestures etc.

If you are a user of Microsoft products (who isn’t?) then give this one a try. So many phones and tablets come shipped with dodgy and often hard to use launchers – Huawei has an odd one that I always replace on my phones as does Lenovo.



Microsoft Launcher
Price : Free
Needs : 4.03+
Microsoft Launcher review




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