MessageMeI’ve been looking for a messaging app to recommend to friends and family for some time – mainly because I often have problems sending MMS messages with photos and videos which may be more to do with my carrier than the phone as often you need to get them to turn this feature on. I tried a few but wasn’t too impressed as many seem to be targeted firmly at ‘the younger generation’ (yes Matt showing my age I know!) until I chanced upon MessageMe. It was important to me that the app was both compatible with Android phones and iPhone – yes, I have friends who insist that their Apple phone is the bees knees and if it suits them that’s fine with me. This app works fine on tablets too as there is no need to have a phone number associated with your account.

Set up was straightforward, you just need to enter your phone number and email address and choose a password then the app sends an email to you to confirm you want to register and away you go. You can let MessageMe access your contacts and add those that are already on the service or in my case I chose to send them an ordinary text message with a link to the Play Store so they could download it for themselves. All users have a unique PIN code assigned, so to add someone you know just get them to send you their code in a regular txt message so you can enter it in MessageMe and add them to your contact list.

I haven’t been using it for long, but have to say that I’m impressed – in my case the ability to quickly snap a photo or short ‘G’day hows it going? This is what we’re up to today..’ kind of video and send it straight to friends and family – even on the other side of the world – all for free, is just great. Here’s some of the features from the description that many seniors will find useful.

Why use MessageMe, a free, global, safe and fast way to send messages and photos
• Personal: MessageMe was created to connect and communicate with your closest friends and family. It’s a trusted, and intimate environment to express and show your emotions.
• Photo Broadcast: Quickly snap a photo to capture the moment as it unfolds, then privately send these expressive pictures to select friends or groups. Keep broadcasting and start a conversation with multiple friends.
• Say it better with Stickers: Express a thousand words with a single sticker. Choose from a variety of different sticker packs for every day, occasion, mood and style.
• Emojis: Choose and send from over 180 different emoticons and emojis using the emoji keyboard and express yourself visually.
• Chat, text and IM FREE all over the world: Drop the need for SMS and exchange one-on-one or group text messages with your friends and family worldwide at absolutely NO COST. Chat absolutely FREE using Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE or LTE
• Group Chat: Add and remove groups participants, change group names and add a profile photo to express the emotion and state of groups with your friends.
• Draw & Doodle: Use a variety of brush sizes and colors, create a custom art piece, or doodle on a friend’s photo!
• Connect: Adding contacts is easy and safe. Use a secret PIN like BBM Messenger.
• Message Search: Like iMessage, never worry about losing your chats or groups; with one click find your friends’ messages, read through history and start a conversation again.
• Use unique features like no other messenger: Draw or doodle directly on top of pictures. Send one of over 180 emoticons and emojis to create and express a message with one touch.
• Share your location instantly in a message or group chat. Also check out push-to-talk recording & walkie-talkie feature.
• Doodles, emojis, location-share, push-to-talk & walkie-talkie

One feature that took me a while to figure out how to use is the voice message / walkie-talkie chat feature. You simply tap the little ‘+’ button to the left of the Enter Message box and all the possible message options are there which isn’t very obvious but once you have found it – simple. Using the voice messaging system is very easy, you just select voice then press and hold anywhere onscreen, speak your message and release when finished and it automatically sends it. I found that speech came through clearly and so quickly that real two-way conversation using the old ‘press to speak’ method that many of us are familiar with from the days of CB radios works well and fine for brief and of course, free voice communications.

Sending short video messages was simple too and as this is a quick and easy way to do this it will appeal to many older people I’m sure.

With over a million users worldwide and growing, it looks like this may be one of the best new messaging apps.
Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Price : FREE
Size : 7.1Mb
Needs : Android 2.3+


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About the Author : Andy describes himself as "an older geek" and has been assisting seniors with understanding technology for many years. He is involved with his local seniors computer club and believes that seniors appreciate assistance from those of a similar age group.

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