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Many people ‘in the know’ have used the handy RTA NSW Live Traffic website that overlays info about traffic problems like accidents and road works throughout the state. This app which has been available for Apple users since July and is now available on Google Play.

It provides you with the same live updates about traffic incidents and also access to live traffic cameras from the N.S.W Transport Management Centre (TMC).

Checking it out today I was impressed to see it even showed the planned road closures that will be in effect on New Years Eve.

Full details of the apps features are:

• Latest traffic information for Sydney and Regional NSW including incidents, major events, fires, floods, alpine conditions and roadworks.
• Access to live traffic cameras with images updated every 60 seconds.
• View incidents and cameras using maps or in a text list.
• View current travel times for F3, M4 and M7.
• Save your favourite regions and cameras for quick access, and swipe between them to check traffic conditions before you start your journey.
• Toggle different types of traffic hazard on or off.
• Live traffic and cameras can be set to auto-update every 60 seconds, or can be refreshed manually.

This would be one of those apps that you wouldn’t mind paying for some data usage if you are stuck on the road and unsure which route to take to avoid the traffic snarl up. Give it a go and let us know what your experience with it is, especially if you have used it while travelling. Just remember to only use it before the trip or when pulled over and stopped – we want you to be safe as well as informed!


Price : FREE
Size : 3.4Mb
Needs : Android 2.2+
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