July : Apps/Games now free or reduced

Google Play Monthly DealsI’ll post these lists each month now to keep you all up to date whenever a previously paid app or game is offered for free or at a reduced price in the Play Store. There are always plenty of apps & games that are put on special, sometimes for just a few days, but I will concentrate on just the worthwhile ones that might appeal to our age group. So you won’t find many kiddy games or cute cat wallpapers (but there are always a few good live wallpapers now and then).

Use some of your Google Play credit you have earned using the Google Opinion Rewards app to buy something useful. Note that while I try to ensure the lists are accurate, some apps/games may not always be available in your country. Also, don’t take too long installing any that appeal because they don’t necessarily always STAY free or on special offer for long.

Prices here are always are shown in Australian dollars as this is where I am based – so they are usually cheaper in the US for instance).


GPS Speed ProGPS Speed Pro. This can track your speed, distance, time and location & also log start time, elapsed time, average speed etc. Phones or tablets but requires GPS obviously. Handy speedo checker but has much more included.
Price : Was A$1.19 now FREE
Needs : Android 2.3+
GPS Speed Pro

Rotation Control ProRotation Control Pro. Can force a particular rotation on apps with fixed screen orientation. A simple design with functions that are easy to understand and use. I reviewed a similar app previously, so check the review out for what these apps do. Might solve a problem with your phone or tablet screen orientation.
Price : SWas A$3.49 Special Price A$1.19
Needs : Android 2.3+
Rotation Control Pro

Transparent Clock Weather ProTransparent Clock Weather Pro. A full featured and completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast application and widgets in many sizes. I use this one on my home screen – looks great and not intrusive (can be set semi-transparent etc)
Price : Was A$3.79 Special Price A$0.20!
Needs : Android 3.0+
Transparent Clock Weather Pro

Cityscape 3D LWPSpace Cityscape 3D Live Wallpaper. One of the most amazing SkyFi 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet. Amazing space megapolis environment along with fantastic sunset lighting etc. Love this one with the smoothly flying space cars etc !
Price : Was A1.49 Now FREE
Needs : Android 2.2+
Space Cityscape 3D Live Wallpaper

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About the Author : Andy describes himself as "an older geek" and has been assisting seniors with understanding technology for many years. He is involved with his local seniors computer club and believes that seniors appreciate assistance from those of a similar age group.

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