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Google Play Books appIn my review of the Amazon Kindle app I mentioned the need to have an Amazon account before being able to make use of the app, so for those people who just want to download some free classic novels to read this app from Google works well.

I have recently been rereading some of the Jack London classics like Call of the Wild and White Fang, both of which I was able to download for free using the Play Books app. The reading experience is very good, with day and night modes, the ability to easily change the font size and the way your place in the book is retained even after closing the app down.

You can of course, read all books offline, plus bookmark pages, highlight text, and add notes. The app also has ‘elegant 3D page turns’ which mimics the way real book pages turn.

Another useful feature is the ability to add PDF and EPUB files to your library, so you could for example find public domain or other books elsewhere to read on the app.

From the app description:
* Bookmarks, notes, and reading positions are synced across your phones, tablets and computers.
* Search within books, use dictionary, find geographical information, discover web results, and wikipedia right on the page.
* Select fonts, font size, and layout for flowing text books.
* Choose day, night, and sepia reading modes.
* Listen to books with text-to-speech when publisher allows.
* Upload PDF or EPUB files to your library.
Discover millions of books on Google Play.
* Over 4 million books in every imaginable category, from the New York Times® bestsellers to favorite classics
* Textbooks available for rental or purchase
* Millions of free books available instantly


Google Play Books
Price : FREE
Size : Varies with device
Needs : Varies with device
Google Play Books app

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