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Global-News-1If you are looking for an app to read your favourite newspapers on your phone or tablet then why not give this app a try? There are many news apps out there and most simply are an index – so in effect the app simply is a list of news sites and once you click on one it opens your device browser and loads the web page.

Global News and Newspapers is a little different. The app has a (very fast) built-in browser so you don’t have to leave the app and I found that it greatly improved speed and my enjoyment of reading news stories.

There are literally thousands (over 6000 from 112 countries according to the developers) of newspapers and news sites indexed from many countries as well as online magazine and specialist news sites from technical and science to fashion and lifestyle interests so I’m sure that you will find something to interest you. I also like that I can create bookmarks of all my favourite newspapers and news sites to make it quicker to go straight to the paper I want to read with the morning coffee.

Initially I found that occasionally I had problems exiting the browser with my phone’s back button but soon discovered that by simply tapping the menu button this brought up a menu where I could exit the browser from there. The in app video playback didn’t seem to work on my phone but it must be related to my particular phone as they played fine on my tablet.

Here is a full list of the apps many features from the Play Store description:

Global News 3

Browser designed for reading news – Feed reader (RSS/Atom) – Newspaper from 112 countries – Newspaper organizes in various categories for easy and fast access – Customize categories for even faster access – Add custom newspaper – Organize bookmarks in folder for better overview – Search for newspaper – Watch video news – Customize interface – Share with E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter…

Newsbrowser:  Play embedded videos and music – Continue play video after disconnect instead from start (only HTML5 video) – Save news for offline reading – Find text on page – Select text – Translate selected text or whole page – Format page for mobile viewing – History – Full screen mode

Feed reader:  Offline reading – Add custom feeds – Search for feeds – Auto refresh feeds – List all unread items for faster access

Reading news and magazines is just so easy on your Android device, particularly on a tablet, so give this one  a try and you won’t be disappointed – and save some trees in the process!



Global News and Newspapers
Price : FREE
Size : 1.8Mb
Needs : Android 2.1+

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