Duplicate Contacts & Utilities

duplicatecontactsutilitiesOur phones are becoming the ‘always with us’ replacement for our address books. Over time however, they can become clogged with duplicate entries, contain email addresses of people we will never contact again and generally get very untidy. This is especially true if we have contacts stored on the sim card in the phone and also in our Gmail contacts. This app aims to sort this problem out for us and the features available for free are impressive.

There are two methods to find and remove duplicates – name based and number based. The first enables you to find the same name with different numbers which helps when contacts change their phone numbers of course. duplicateremover2The other method I find useful as you can find contacts inadvertently entered twice, which I often do by mistake.

Merging and removing exact duplicates are the two ‘Pro’ features that you can purchase as additional features from within the app for a reasonable amount.

The utility can also simplify editing contacts if the contact manager on your device is confusing to use – some certainly are. Apart from the ability to sort out the contact phone numbers and email duplicates, it can also import from an Excel spreadsheet file which is a fantastic feature for business users to make the process of getting contacts into your phone a piece of cake. Of course, you can also export your contacts to back them up simply.

Give this handy app a try if, like me, you have managed to make a hash of your contacts.


Duplicate Contacts & Utilities
Price : FREE
Size : 2.1Mb
Needs : Android 2.3+
Duplicate Contacts & Utilities


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