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dailyhoroscopeI’ll be honest. I find the idea that an arbitrary (and man-made) arrangement of stars and galaxies millions of light years away from us can have any affect on my day pretty silly. Especially when you consider that 1/12th of the population are apparently having the same terrible day as me (if the newspaper horoscopes are anything to go by) – but, there are those that enjoy reading their daily horoscopes and there are those who believe there is more to it if you use complicated star charts etc.

I’m a complete sceptic, sorry. But for those who want to read their horoscope – why not use an app to do it rather than finding it in the newspaper?

This app has pretty good reviews and it is one of those relatively rare apps in that it has no ads and requires very minimal permissions – unlike some that want everything including your shoe size…

As well as the conventional ‘Western’ horoscopes it also includes Chinese, Zodiac and even Druid horoscopes (Druid?) so it covers all of them pretty much.

Not much else to tell you apart to mention that you can check your compatibility with others (to help you find a prospective mate maybe?) – so you just need to ask, ‘so, what’s your sign then?’ and pop it into the app. Crikey, that sounds very seventies doesn’t it?

dailyhoroscope1Here’s a screenshot from within the app. As you can see, the screens are quite attractive and easy to read.

Now, I wonder if there’s an app to read your tea leaves? Maybe I could have a go at writing one. Use the phone camera to grab a shot, then come up with a random ‘reading’. Well, that’s given a prospective app developer an idea. I want a cut of the profits if you write one…



Price : FREE
Size : varies with device
Needs : varies with device
Daily Horoscope

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