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If there’s one thing that gets on my nerves, it’s the phone call around 6 o’clock just as the fork with the first mouthful of dinner is heading for the mouth. The telemarketers have now taken to calling my mobile every day at the same time, so I decided to search the Playstore for a suitable call blocking app.

Most smartphones have blacklists (and whitelists for those calls you definitely want) but one downside is that you usually end up with a voicemail message which is always silence for a few seconds then the call is disconnected. This has to be cleared at your expense of course and then usually your phone company kindly reminds you that you got the voicemail with a text message as well… hmm.

So this is where Call Control – Call Blocker comes in. You can choose what to do with the calls from numbers you manually add or are in the community blacklist (more on that later). In my case I chose the ‘pickup / hangup’ option so that the telemarketers have to pay for the calls but I never know about it other than a notification that a call has been blocked if I choose to turn the option on.

The free version limits you to three blacklisted numbers and for many users this will be enough. I find that after trying my number for a few weeks eventually I get removed from their list anyway. Of course, you can blacklist any number so for those who need to block (or send to voicemail automatically) a particularly annoying ex-spouse or similar, the app will come in handy for them too!

Some of the features include : Automatically blocks thousands of active spam callers reported by the community * Community Blacklist stops telemarketers, debt collectors and other spam calls before they bother you * Personal Blacklist lets you block any phone number or area code (3 entry limit in Lite version) * Free reverse lookup for spam callers to find out who’s calling powered by the FCC Do Not Call Registry – blocks reported offenders automatically * Blocked Calls Don’t Ring, you choose what to do with blocked calls * Pickup and Hangup / Disconnect * Send to voicemail option * Mute ringer.

Do bear in mind that this is a US app so the community blacklist may be of little use in Australia or other countries, but the user blacklist and other features are great. The app on my phone tells me that it has blocked 3 calls from the same number already and I only installed it a week ago. Interestingly, it blocked the international version of the number (+6128xxx) as well as the local call version (028xxx) as well which means that this particular telemarketer uses two versions of the CallerID. The best part for me is that I no longer get the annoying text messages either.

The Pro version costs A$7.99 (cheaper in the US) which is a little expensive, but it is transferable to any phone and you then get unlimited blacklist entries plus the community blacklist updates which you only get the first time it is installed on the free version. Again, this is only important for US users of the app.

So, give yourself some peace, at least from annoying calls on the mobile and let us know in the comments if you are happy with it or have suggestions for an alternative.

Edit: Oops, my apologies, the Google Play link was incorrect, all fixed now!



Call Control – Call Blocker
Price : FREE
Size : 1.0Mb
Needs : Android 1.6+

Call Control : Call Blocker

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