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BOM Weather Android app reviewReaders of this blog will know that weather apps are one of my favourites and my current fav is the excellent (but not free at least for the premium version) – Weatherzone which I reviewed here. The Australian Bureau of Meterorology or BOM for short (don’t you love the abbreviation?) has recently released a free app for Android that will appeal to many as it provides just the main weather info for your current location on a single page. It’s also a free app that works on most Android versions even though it is a little larger download than many.

Once installed, you just tell it your current location – it then finds the closest weather station to you and displays the info for you. This includes current temps, wind speed and rainfall plus the next 6 day forecast. Tap any day and you get a more detailed forecast for that day. Next, scroll down a little (swipe up of course!) and you get the next 24 hours weather in more detail and finally, a little further down is the animated rain radar for the past 40 minutes until 10 minutes or so ago from the closest rainfall monitoring radar. While you can zoom the map in for more detail, I noticed that you can’t move the map centre which is a little annoying as your location may not be visible. Strange that the developers haven’t included this, it may well be fixed in the next version.

You also get the current weather warnings for the state you are in – plus you can see any other state too. This is one area that I think Weatherzone is better at – you get all the state warnings in this app and as we all know, Oz is a large continent and seeing what rivers are doing 500kms away isn’t too interesting! It does seem though, that the closest warnings to you appear at the top of the list which is a good compromise.

I like that you can easily add a location to the app by just entering the town name or postcode to find it. There isn’t a way to add favourite locations but you do see recent locations in the list.

All in all, a quick to open app that gets the info staright from ‘the horses mouth’ without any frills that just gives you what you want. Weatherzone includes other info from various sources like tides etc but if you don’t need these then I can highly recommend this one from our nation’s weather bureau.



Price : FREE
Size : 27Mb
Needs : Android 4.0+
BOM Weather Android app review

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