aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper

anipetMany of us had the animated aquarium screensaver installed on our Windows PC’s – remember them? We used to show our amazing lifelike aquarium in the monitor to impress and amaze visitors – ah, the good old days…

Live wallpapers are one of the features that sets Android devices above the iPhones and iPads and simulated aquariums are one of the most popular. This one from aniPet is worth checking out even though you only get 2 fish after the 7 day trial period is over. I suggest that it’s usually best to install trial versions of apps before shelling out money for the full versions just in case the app isn’t compatible with your phone or tablet and this applies especially to live wallpapers. This one I’ve tried for a while and have had no problems with it at all.

Some of the features of this one include – (in the trial and full version) – select to have up to 20 fish from 180 species in the tank, feed them and make babies(!?), change the background, fish speed, light, animation etc.

Installing a live wallpapers isn’t quite as straightforward as normal apps as they have to be ‘set’ to replace your normal wallpaper. Here’s how to set up any live wallpaper including this one:

1. Download the wallpaper from the Play Store – there is a link below of course to get it.
2. Once it has been downloaded and installed, press and hold on a blank area of any home screen and tap on ‘Live Wallpapers’ from the screen that appears next.
3. Tap on the live wallpaper you want to set and either choose ‘Set wallpaper’ or ‘Settings’ to check and change anything you want first, then go back and now tap ‘Set wallpaper’ and it’s done.

Some live wallpapers can cause a significant battery drain, but this one hasn’t had this effect on my phone, anipet2but of course every phone is different. As I mentioned above, I suggest you install the trial version first for 7 days then if you think it’s a ‘keeper’, buy the full version.

You can do this easily by opening the app and tapping the ‘buy full version’ button. This takes you straight to the store where you can get it from.

Cost is only around $2 and worth every penny if, like me, you enjoy a trip down memory lane!

Let us know what your favourite live wallpaper is in the comments.


aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper
Price : FREE / Trial
Size : 3.9Mb
Needs : 2.1+
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