ACCC Recalls & ACCC Shopper

A double (and possibly timely as there’s not many shopping days until Xmas) review this one about two apps providing up to date information from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to assist consumers before and after making purchases from Aussie retailers. Let’s look at the ACCC Recalls app first.

Ideal for checking a product before buying or if you have problems with it to ensure there are no recalls for the product. I recently used this handy app to check some Xmas lights I had planned to buy. Lucky I did because the ones I was considering buying had a recent recall due to a potential safety / fire risk.

Users can search for all items within a category (eg: Electrical, Food & Groceries, Home and Garden etc) or for a particular brand/model.

Consumers and suppliers are able to report an unsafe product and also take and attach a photo to the report. When I last used the app it had been updated the previous day so it should be a useful app to check for recently recalled products.

The second app, ACCC Shopper is intended to provide information on commonly-asked questions about consumer rights like refunds and returns, warranties, product claims etc. It pulls the data from the A.C.C.C website and offers it in a handy app so you don’t have to visit the website for information. A very handy feature included lets users store details about purchased items including taking and storing a photo of purchase receipts along with additional information about each item which is as good if not better than the actual paper receipt (which often fade so much as to be unreadable after time).

Both apps tested fine on both phones and tablets but the ACCC Shopper was a little laggy on slower devices.

Both will come in very handy when looking for and after buying Christmas presents – don’t forget to take a snap of all the receipts. January is often when you need them to return those duplicated presents ! So add them to your devices today for a little more peace of mind.


ACCC Recalls
Price : FREE
Size : 521k
Needs : Android 2.1+



ACCC Shopper
Price : FREE
Size : 2.5M
Needs : Android 2.1+

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