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aviewBack to work – sigh – but it looks like 2014 will be a great year for Android. It seems likely that Android apps will outnumber Apple’s count by June this year with over a million apps in the Play Store! ¬†Thousands are however, complete rubbish – and that’s why we are doing this – to help weed out the rubbish and bring the gems to the surface.

ABC Australia recently released their long awaited iView app for Android which finally gives Android users the ability to catch up on TV shows on their devices. Unfortunately for many, it only currently works on a limited number of tablets and phones (mainly the Samsung Galaxy range and the Nexus phones and tablets), so for those who use other devices there is an excellent free alternative – aview.

The developers of this open source (ie: free) app say candidly that it may break if the ABC change the iView site parameters at some stage, but at least it gives users of other tablets and phones the ability to watch ‘catchup TV’ now.

I have been using the aview app for several weeks now and it works fine on both my phone and tablet and is a great way to watch some good TV when those few times when there’s not a lot to choose from on the telly (yes, sarcasm…).

You can easily choose from the show genres – documentary, drama, kids etc – and pause and resume of the streaming video works flawlessly. It is just a well written app that fills a niche very well. Remember that like all video streaming apps you can easily be downloading hundreds of megs of data to watch one show.

Presumably the ABC will improve their own app to allow many more devices to watch their content but in the meantime, give aview a try – I reckon you won’t be disappointed. If you want to try the ABC iView app – here’s the Play Store link to this : ABC iView App. As I have said though, unless you have a device listed on there, it won’t even let you download and try it, which is a shame because I’m sure many other devices could run it without problem. My guess is the ABC is just being over cautious – but with some of the negative reviews that you see in the store I’m not that surprised.

You honestly have to wonder about some people who have nothing better to do than leave terrible comments and reviews about any app that they believe doesn’t work 100% on their (probably old or crammed full of junk) device. I guess it’s just a product of the ‘anonymous commenter syndrome’ where idiots trash any attempt to achieve something – or write something useful. So far, no sign of that here – my guess is the intended audience doesn’t suit em!



ABC iView
Price : Free
Size : 0.5Mb
Needs : Android 4.0+
Other :
aview app


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About the Author : Andy describes himself as "an older geek" and has been assisting seniors with understanding technology for many years. He is involved with his local seniors computer club and believes that seniors appreciate assistance from those of a similar age group.

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