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WikiCamps3.0 android app review

WikiCamps Australia 3.0 app review

The new WikiCamps version has been causing some consternation on social media so I thought I would do a new review of this essential travel app. In my opinion ...
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Ultimate Rotation Control

Several years back, my old tablet would often refuse to auto rotate the screen and so I used this app to fix the problem, but ...
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Telstra 24x7 app

Telstra 24×7

Most seniors, especially if traveling around Australia, use the Telstra network for their mobiles and internet access  as the other carriers just can't match the ...
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Brightness Level

Many newer phones and tablets have a slider control to adjust screen brightness easily available in a slidedown panel or similar 'quick settings' area, but many ...
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WiFi Hotspot Settings

Many of us use our phones as WiFi HotSpots. It is such a handy feature that most smartphones have available these days. If you aren't ...
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Androids4Seniors App review : Backgammon Free

Backgammon Free

Some of the first apps installed by most users on their phones and tablets are games and seniors are no ...
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Globalgig Wireless Broadband Review

Mobile internet plans are notoriously expensive in Australia, especially from the major Telcos like Telstra. In the US for instance, ...
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Google Keyboard

Using keyboards on Android devices, especially phones, can be a problem for many. Virtual keys are small and hard to ...
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Rikomagic 802IIIS Android Mini PC

I had been planning on testing one of the Android Mini PCs for some time and kept an eye out ...
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Acer Iconia A1-810 Review

Competition is great isn't it? As soon as Apple releases their iPad Mini and Google updates the Nexus 7,  Acer ...
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