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Chromecast : A Beginners Guide

These days, almost all new TVs are ‘smart’ – pity about the station programmers I hear you say? Well, I have to agree that finding anything half-decent to watch is difficult at times, even though here in Oz we have a few great channels (ABC Australia and SBS) that appeal to many of my generation. For

Over 40 Magnifier & Flashlight

It happens to most of us eventually – trying to read the small print on jars is often the first sign our eyesight isn’t what it used to be in our thirties – and a simple app that magnifies text quickly and without fuss is something that I have been looking for lately. Over 40

Smart Magnifier

Many of us have trouble reading the fine print on labels and the like and we often don’t have a magnifying glass handy. This clever app turns your device into a Magnifying Glass by using your camera zoom function, auto-focus and LED flash features. I have tried it out and was quite surprised at the magnification

Voice Recorder

Most phones have a sound recorder app preinstalled, but sometimes you just want a simple, easy to use app that makes it easy to record a quick note or maybe a longer meeting. The reason I like this particular one is because it simplifies getting the recording off the phone and sent to myself as

Caravan Leveler – Free Edition

If there’s one thing that can put a strain on a relationship it is getting the caravan level in an RV park. While many parks these days have level sites there are many, especially free camps, that don’t. This app is designed to take the guess work out of the process – and maybe end

Need A Better Calculator?

Nearly every Android device comes with a calculator already installed, but they are often fairly basic apps and in my experience many lack a few important features – percentage calculations is one lacking in most for example. We downloaded the most popular calculator apps for you and gave them a good work out to see

Silent Time

This probably happens to you too – you just get settled for the night, the phone is on charge on the bedside table and there’s an incoming message or reminder notification. BING BONG! (or whatever your notification tone sounds like). This is usually followed by a swift kick in the shins and/or a ‘WILL you

I often ask customers how fast their internet connection is when attempting to help them with problems like unsuccessful video calls on Skype and the usual answer is ‘I have no idea how would I find out?’. I will usually tell them to go to, but a quicker way is to just fire up
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